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I am always very excited to offer the Conscious Pregnancy Training in our home in New Mexico. My thoughts return to when I used to teach in our ashram in Germany. There is a certain coziness which is present in someone's home.

PregnancyYogaTeachersThe FIRST Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for Pregnancy Yoga!
Tarn Taran Kaur (standing) in Hamburg, Germany 1977. Daughter, Madhur Nain is sitting on right.

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Adventures of Tarn Taran Kaur

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Tarn Taran Singh and I lived in Europe for over twenty-five years. We grew up with wonderful people from across the European continent. We cultivated dear friendships as we created community, events and businesses. Since the late 70’s the European Kundalini Yoga community has annually celebrated the 3HO Yoga Festival in France. During the first years only a few hundred people joined us. Now over 2000 people come together for three days of White Tantric, inspirational classes and celebration. www.3ho-3ho-kundalini-yoga.eu Here is photo of Tarn Taran Singh Khalsa and I doing White Tantric at 1978 Yoga Festival with over 100 people!

I have also been blessed to live and teach in Mexico, Australia, Egypt, Greece, China, Taiwan, Philippines and Chile. I have enjoyed the diversity of cultures, food and way of living. I have experience again that all people are the same. And Kundalini Yoga works everywhere!
Tarn Taran and Madhur Nain Individuals around the globe are interested in yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and ecology. There is a deep longing for authentic human values, relationships and community. We have not yet entered the harmonious phase of the Aquarian Age. As each one of us adjusts our thoughts, habits and interactions, we bring life to the Aquarian awareness. Act consciously and shun reactions. And keep sending blessings out to all!

 Yogi Bhajan shared a wide spectrum of yogic tools so that we could face our inner and outer pressures with a steady Human Sensory System. Visit www.KRIteachings.org for specifics.  Visit 3HO, Healthy-Happy-Holy Organization, for community news, events and inspiration www.3HO.org.

And keep sending blessings out to all!
Humbly, Tarn Taran Kaur

mom_ttkMy First Teacher

My mother, Rose Mesich, was my first teacher.

My father, sister and I were with her when she passed peacefully on a rainy morning in Seattle on January 11, 2010. For the previous three days we spoke with her and prayed with her. She could not move or utter a sound, however, her tongue moved in silence as we were praying with her.

She shared with me, her first child, her experience of courage, endurance and adventure. I brought this grit with me when I moved to Amsterdam, six months pregnant with my daughter, Madhur Nain. We move to a foreign country as a newly married young woman, not speaking the language, not knowing anyone, not knowing the future, however wild with youthful exploration. My first teacher was with me.

Her love of family, food and organization gave me priceless tools to nurture the first Guru Ram Das Ashram in Hamburg, Germany. (Her grandmother was from Bavaria, Germany.) The grit to live the words of Yogi Bhajan - "KEEP UP!" - were ingrained first in my psyche in the womb of my mother.

Tarn Taran's motherTo create delicious foods and serve them to friends was learnt in my mother's kitchen. I was the understudy how to create a cozy home with your own ingenuity, with your own innovative hands.

She was deeply dedicated to the Holy Maria throughout her life. She prayed using the Rosary nightly before bed. She taught me constantly in my spiritual practice and a deep gratitude for the Divine Feminine, which manifests in all women. This creative force which blesses all women uniquely when they are pregnant and give birth. With that love of the Adi Shakti, the cells of my being directed my life to share the yogic teachings for women and pregnancy around the globe.

She was also a great gardener, especially roses - her favorites! She taught me a love of nature, and abundant gardens of flowers, tomatoes, peaches and berries. I think of her as I plant the beets, care for the apple trees and dig the compost here in New Mexico.

I am grateful that she was my first teacher.

Bountiful blessing to her Soul forever. Sat Nam, Tarn Taran Kaur

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