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Walking peacefully in nature is healthy and rejuvenating. Enjoy Mother Nature and her beauty, as you walk through a park, forest, or nature path. Your movements massage your child’s skin, which stimulates the brain and nervous system. Your movements also increase your child’s body awareness, as well as, increasing his learning abilities. Yogi technology recommends that a pregnant woman walk 4-5 miles per day.

Accelerate your walking time and use a mantra. Now you have the meditation, Charan Jaap. As you step with your left foot, think or say the mantra “Sat Nam” which means truth is my identity. As you step with your right foot, think or say the mantra “Wahe Guru” which means indescribable wisdom.

Many expectant parents have tried Yogi Bhajan’s recommendation that the husband and the mother-to-be daily walk together as they can practice Charan Jaap.

“That's why one of the kriya which a pregnant woman can do with her husband is to walk together doing what is call "Charan Jaap." It is a walking meditation. On the left foot the woman chants "SAT NAAM," while the man chants "WAHHAY GUROO" on the right. They walk like this together for, say, four to five miles.

You will see children of such parents are very calm, very quiet, very smiling. They are not crying. They are absolutely contained. While you will see other children, who can create a big mess. Though you are not supposed to judge, you are supposed to understand the truth.”

Yogi Bhajan, Women's Camp, Espanola, July 8, 1998

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