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Kundalini Yoga shares a wide realm of specialized meditations for women so that she can excel in her own identity of self and confront with grace the challenges which life brings her.

A small however important wisdom is to cultivate the excellence, inner strength and discipline to face all difficulties. Eliminate the hope that they will disappear.

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"Your nobility is not based on your appearance.
Your nobility is based on your language.
Your prosperity is based on your language.
Your security is based on your language.
Your tomorrow is based on your words of today.
If any creature on this planet has to be careful what they say, it should be none other than a woman."

~ Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1987


Florida 06Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west and along with it a conscious way of living to become healthy happy and holy. He dedicated every summer to teach women specifically to care for themselves, to become self empowered and to impact their homes, families and their communities with universal values of consciousness.

He often said that the state of a nation is reflected in the face of its women. The claim that he stood behind was that when men of the world respect women, there will be peace on the planet.And when women are kind to one another – chinese_archthere will be no more tears.

There is a wealth of yogic teachings for you. Here are a few of my favorite meditation which you can practice.

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Challenging Arm Exercises
Challenging arm exercises and meditations are a key technology of Kundalini Yoga. Using your breath, focus and relasing tension gives your the power to excel. Why? Yogic arm exercises strengthen your nervous system and expand your aura. And pregnant women...they are an excellent preparation for birthing!
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> Practice: Confront Your Fears

Meditations For Women
> Call Upon The Maha Shakti
> Realize Your Power As Woman

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We change the direction of our life through adjusting our lifestyle choices. Here are a few basic Yogi Tips for you.

Health & Beauty
Women's Guidelines
Master Your Habits
I and Myself
Naad Yoga
Adi Shakti
Security of Self
Why Meditate?

Conscious Relationships
Marriage is a Carriage
Confront Your Fears
Stress Release
Success in Business
Menstruation Supports
Power of your Navel Point

Chakra Projections


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