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Yogic Lifestyle: Women's Guidelines

A Woman’s Guidelines

  • Be grateful that you are a woman.
  • Be grateful as you are.
  • Think, consider and believe that you are a very special channel of God.  (God is within you. You are the channel.)
  • Trust yourself.
  • You are never alone. (You are the channel of God. Alone= all-one.)
  • Live in gratitude with an attitude of happiness.

Happiness is not for the weak and the lazy, it is something that must be strived for. It is hard work. It is about action. It is about meeting your challenges and rising to the occasion. It takes alertness and perseverance and self-disciple. “If you have no self-mastery, you cannot create impact. Do yourself, believe in yourself and be yourself!” - Yogi Bhajan

Uplift Your Spirit
When you are down, reach out and serve someone who is in need. The Universe will serve you because you served others. This is a Law of the Universe which must be fulfilled. Serve others without thinking of getting anything in return.

Remember always that the other person is you. The biggest mistake which a woman makes it that she projects her internal crisis onto those around her. She winds others up with her own unhappiness so everyone is miserable.

Take care of yourself physically and exercise daily, laugh, and meditate to quite your mind
. Respect and honor your own self...no one can give that to you!


"Surprisingly, the most painful thing in life is when we think we are doing something. I am doing this thing. I am running this thing.
I am this, I am that. When the breath of life comes to you from God, whatever you do you do only on the strength of that breath.

No matter how beautiful you may be, if you are without breath, what will happen? They will take you out and put you in a box, put it in the earth or put it on the pyre and switch you to fire, whatever the case may be. Your whole life, your beauty, your administrative ability, your actions, your reactions, are because you are alive, you have breath. Nothing can freak out a woman but ego.

If somehow a woman can remember that she is the divine breath of God, and everything around her, within her, and without her is the breath of God, there is nothing which can happen to her."
~ Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1977


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