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Madhur-Nain Webster, Tarn Taran Kaur’s daughter, became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the State of California in 2007. Visit her website for soul inspiration, and Kundalini meditations that form inner harmony. www.madhurnain.com


This is THE Kundalini Yoga handbook for pregnancy. Tarn Taran Kaur shares a wide and deep spectrum of ancient yogic knowledge and practical life style information, based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

There are two companion books: Conscious Pregnancy: The Gift of Giving Life and the Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Manual.

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Conscious Pregnancy Books Available in FIVE Languages!

The European Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Trainers had a heartfelt gathering to celebrate the launch of the Conscious Pregnancy books in FIVE languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Now available for purchase from Sat Nam Versand

The translation of the Conscious Pregnancy books in these languages was made possible by donated funds from Yogi Tea Europe.


Here is a wonderful Yogi Bhajan affirmation to share with your family and loved ones:

I love you. I like you.
I see you as a Soul.



Kundalini Events for Women

Conscious Pregnancy
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Conscious Pregnancy
Teacher Trainers

The exceptional international team of Conscious Pregnancy Trainers are KRI-certified Trainers who have specialized in this area of our yogic technology. Click HERE for a complete list of the International Conscious Pregnancy Trainers

.Teacher Trainers

“When a mother is pregnant, the kind of soul she can accept depends on her mental attitude. And then there is another beauty that within the realm of your belly, which is your pregnancy, you can totally transform the soul. The soul is pure and has nothing to do, but the subtle body carries the karma of the previous life. A mother can totally purify the subtle body.”

Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1976, p. 320

Mother and child

Conscious Pregnancy
The Journey from Woman to Mother

July 4-16, 2016
Espanola, New Mexico, USA


US Price: $1545
International Price: $1445

If you are an IKYTA or national KYTA member, email ttk@kundaliniwomen.org
for a 10% discount code

Conscious Pregnancy Training is a comprehensive 103 hour course for exploring a woman's journey to motherhood. Because the curriculum starts with the identity of a woman, her relationships, building her family culture, through birthing, and post-partum, therefore any woman would benefit. It is an outstanding preparation for women who are planning to become mothers, or are interested to educate girls or women.

In 1978 Tarn Taran Kaur Khalsa established this training for German Kundalini Yoga teachers. Since then, this Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Training has been taught regularly around the globe, inspiring over 3,000 yoga instructors to share these precious yogic teachings.

Tarn Taran Kaur is the Lead Trainer for this 2016 Espanola training. She will be accompanied by a team of yoga teachers and medical professionals. Join us this summer! Find out how YOU can inspire a woman to consciously birth and nurture her family.

A KRI and IKYTA Recognized Specialty Training.

Conscious Pregnancy Course Testimonials

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