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In many cultures around the world, the sensitivity of the new born is respected, and the child is protected in a supported, sacred environment with his mother and intimate family. There is a reverence of the 40 days after birth. Women are given the privilege and support to slowly and respectfully recover from birthing, and enjoy a cozy time building a loving relationship with their newborn. Husbands and other siblings are enraptured with the new member of their family and focus on cultivating a relationship with the new born. Support comes from family and friends, who assist with the household, family and childcare duties. Today many communities have the good fortune to have supportive and well trained doulas who assist families create that sacred atmosphere during birthing or post-partum.

When your child was in your womb, you and your child shared physical functions, as well as subtle energies. You were blended in one aura. The separation of your aura and your child’s aura was initiated when the navel cord separates from your body. This can be a shock for both of you. Mothers often share that they “have no skin,” or “feel misplaced.”

During the first three years your auras gradually form their own autonomous aura. During these years of subtle connection, your child is focused primarily on you, his/her mother. The father provides invaluable security and support for you, and the child. After the third year when your child has formed his/her unique aura, the father will become more of a focal point of your child’s life. However, a unique psycho-magnetic field continues to connect you with your child throughout life.

For this fact, yogis recommend that a child remain within the mother's aura (within nine feet of her physical body) during the first 40 Days. Because of the child’s subtle sensitivity, a child is not left alone in a room during these weeks. If the mother needs to leave the child, then the father or another loving support person is with the child.

“He was inside where he was warm, cozy, and well contained. He came out and now he needs that touch, that feeling, that oneness within the nine feet of your aura. You are a modern woman. You want to go to a movie theater. When a child is born, you must stick with him for forty days and for two years you and your husband must keep him near the, breast and the chest. That the most darling God born in innocence to two people who believed in love.”

~ Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp, NM, 1989

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