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  Conscious Pregnancy Training Testimonials

Vanessa Strauss

CP Class

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"I did this training with Tarn Taran Kaur Khalsa about 8 years ago in beautiful New Mexico - one of the most valuable trainings I have ever attended and I'm so grateful to have received this wisdom. Recently I birthed my first born child and these teachings have served us so graciously. My son is very relaxed and content. We welcomed his soul in on the 120th day and I am currently towards to end of our 40 day postpartum blessing. Without the wisdom of this course and the light of Tarn Taran I would not have realized the sacredness of this time or the 120 day blessing. Also learning the mothers blessing is a great gift to the mother and the child! I highly recommend this training."
~ Vanessa Strauss, Australia

Beloved Tarn Taran Kaur ji,
Thank you for the inspiration and good experiences you shared with all of us. If “God lives in cozy homes,” you brought him with you.
~ Love, Harbhajan Kaur

There are no words to thank you enough. So a simple thank you is my expression backing up by a million blessings.
~ Sat Nam, Dev Amrit Kaur, Conscious Pregnancy, Espanola, 2009

Dear Tarn Taran Kaur,
Thank you so much for coming over to Australia to share your wealth of knowledge and wisdom. You are a fabulous teacher with a great balance of firmness and softness. I loved your jokes, laughter, playfulness and humanness. We are so blessed to have had such a wise, beautiful, noble and dignified teacher. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you bountiful blessings and may the pure light within you always guide your way on.
~ Blessings - Siri Mukta Kaur, Sydney, Australia, 2008

“I passionately felt inspired to empower women to have trust and faith in their own ability to give birth.”
~ L. Skelton, UK

“This training helped to prepare me in my role teaching Pregnancy Yoga. This training has clarified in me, that which I knew in my heart but did not know consciously. It has helped me to have the confidence to share this information in a clear precise way. I feel that I am more connected personally now to the women of 3HO and will be more comfortable in reaching out for help. This course was amazing in its scope and powerful in it’s presentation. The women trainers are experts in their fields.”
~ Guru Rai Kaur, New Jersey

“I understand that this was part of a healing that I needed in my life.”
~ Guru Ganesha, Florida

“Made me consider all aspect of birth. Plus reflection on my own mother, and I become more aware of my own partnership.”
~ Sat Pavan Kaur, New Zealand

“More confidence as a pregnancy yoga teacher. Made me more aware of my own pregnancy, and labeor, and myself as a mother.”
~ Hari Jot Kaur, Sweden

“This training is amazingly much more than just information about pregnancy. It is a transformation for me as a teacher and a conscious woman.”
~ P.K, Spain

“I have been teaching prenatal, post-natal and baby yoga for four years and I wanted to get some more in depth knowledge.  I wanted to expand my teaching to include more of the yogic teachings rather than just teaching yoga and meditation. I wanted to become certified as a Conscious Pregnancy teacher. I learned to slow down in my teaching—allow women to become more meditative and relaxed rather than seeing how many exercises I can squeeze in a class. I enjoyed connecting with the other women in the course and the trainers. I have gotten in touch with some issues and memories from my childhood, my marriage and raising my own children. I learned that I have a lot of wisdom and knowledge of the Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings that I have been hesitant to share with students.”
~ BBK, Arizona

  Aquarian Teacher Training Testimonials

"It is always a great pleasure to spend some time with you. Everybody enjoyed and appreciate your way to share Yogi Bhajan's teachings, and your ability to do it in a very relaxed and clear way, with a lot of humour, from the heart to the heart."
~ Guru Jian Kaur

"Sat Nam dear teacher, I wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you always. I want to thank you for all your care and teachings here in Oaxaca... i've got too much to tell you about my life lately but i would like to know when will you be here again?"
~ Mary Stgo




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